Choosing the Best in Shaving Soap, Techniques and Other Essentials in Shaving Routines

One glorious difference about the primitive men and women from modern people is hygiene and shaving is part of the regular routine. While ancient people didn’t find it necessary to shave beard, hair in the private parts of the body and legs, present day folks find shaving a hygienic necessity. This is largely the reason for a flourishing body care industry, where more and more people nowadays are keen in finding the perfect shaving soap and other paraphernalia needed for this regimen.

But even with the wide array of shaving soap products, we are still hounded by indecision which one is suited to our skin condition. While it’s fairly easy to select the shaving soap dish according to its size and fitting to the bathroom sink and lavatory, the soap poses more issues such as its ingredients. Other than that, these specific soap products shouldn’t pose any risks to various skin conditions. While sensitive skin will not be affected with whatever shaving soap bowl we choose, it does react to allergens, chemicals and detergent components of the skincare products.

So how does one find the best, safest shaving soap?

As it is, a healthy skin makes shaving routines easy, without experiencing razor burns, nicks and cuts. So it’s vital to choose shaving soap products that help maintain your skin’s health. First, consider your  skin type and health condition. Dry skin would require additional moisturizing soap agents, while some people must avoid certain chemical and natural products as it causes allergic reaction. Next, make sure that the soap is from a reliable company that relies on scientific studies and tests in manufacturing their products. You wouldn’t want to compromise your skin and be harmed with substandard, untested shaving soap. Be wary as well of scents and some natural ingredients that can cause irritation.

These soaps also come in different scents, always distinct for female or male use. Understandably, the ingredients of each shaving soap product vary depending on one’s personal use. The prices differ as well, depending on added components like moisturizers, fragrances and sizes.

With the multitude of brands in the market today, choosing the right product won’t be as breezy compared to getting such shaving soap brush. Of course, some of these soaps come with freebies like the brush, dish and bowl, but the shaving soaps may not be suited for you. So it’s important to always focus on the soap, rather than the costless stuff that comes along with it. 

Now let’s get to the best technique.

Effective and safe shaving comes easy when one has prepared all the essentials for the routine. To start with, have the shaving soap bowl ready, along with the clean razor, towels, creams and others. Begin the routine by wetting the area sufficiently, like splashing it on your face.  For shaving legs, the same start would work best as well because water softens the hair and then shaving would be easier. Hot water works best all the time as it fully dilates skin pores, apart from the temperature and shaving soap softening the skin real fast and effectively. 

Then it’s time to work up healthy shaving soap lather. For some people, they’d get the foam first, using a shaving soap bowl to get richer lather. Whichever works best for you is your choice. Once you’re done making that foam from the shaving soap, put some lather on the brush and then distribute well all over the area you intend to shave.

As a reminder, using an appropriate, skin-friendly shaving soap brush would be a big help in the routine. The brush acts as exfoliate, and makes the skin softer and easier to shave. A boar brush is an excellent choice, although a bit expensive for its advanced quality and greater capacity.

Back to getting yourself shaved, the next thing to do is dip the razor in the hot water and shake off excess water.  Begin the upward strokes, or go against the hair growth with the shaving because this movement renders effective, smoother results. Let the razor’s blade glide smoothly over your skin, but be careful of any protrusions like pimples and moles that could be cut  while shaving. As it is, getting any cuts make your skin vulnerable, and even the best shaving soap could exacerbate more risks.  

Also, dip the brush some more on the shaving soap lather for areas that have gone quite dry after a few minutes. The blades wouldn’t be as effective when the skin isn’t well-hydrated and without foams.  Once you’re done, proceed by rinsing off the remaining foams and hair residues on the shaven area. A good size of shaving soap dish would make rinsing thorough. Include this dish among your shaving essentials.

Lastly, it’s not advisable to be doing something else like talking on the cellphones or watching TV. Even the best shaving soap couldn’t save you from getting cuts and nicks when you’re preoccupied with two things at one time. Distractions pose risks like cutting yourself, or you could end up with rashes so make sure your focus is only on the shaving and nothing else.