Glycerin Soap and All Things About It

If you have a sensitive or even delicate skin, glycerin soap may be the best choice for you. Our world is polluted with chemicals and we have to protect our skin from the toxic environment. With this enters the natural skin care products such as glycerin soap which will help protect your skin as well as protect your health. Let’s go make glycerin soap!

Define Glycerin-Based Soap

Glycerin soap usually comes with a transparent, rich or dark amber color. You may have used this kind of soap before without even realizing that it was glycerin soap.

Glycerin soaps are made up of glycerol, a biochemical element that is composed of fats and oils. This is also where the name glycerin is taken. Glycerol is really an important part of our body chemicals because it helps convert our food nto a usable form of energy. This is because of its sugar alcohol characteristic which makes it act like a solvent to any solid substance digested. Glycerol is one key why we do not starve so it is really useful.

If ever you’re wondering, gycerol come from animal fats and even vegetable oil. They are taken via extracting and in a rendering process with the use of lye.  However, some manufacturers who do this process remove the glycerol while those home-made use glycerin.

Commercial Soaps and its Dangerous Effects

Do you suffer from dry flaky skin? Do you constantly apply chemicals such as emollients? Do you bathe regulary? Well then, if you do bathe regulary and still suffer from dry flaky skin, you may be using  the wrong kind of soap for your skin.

There are soaps that’s actually are forms of detergent and those are usually the mass-produced commercial ones that are in the local grocery stores or department stores. The detergent soaps are made up from petroleum, yes you read it right, petroleum which is used by motor vehicles to fuel them up.

Go for Glycerin Soap Bars!

Rubbing alcohol is best use if you want a coolant for your skin. This is because it quickly evaporates as you apply it. But, it leaves your skin very dry because it carries off the moisture of your skin once applied.

Meanwhile, glycerin soap is the opposite because it attracts moisture. Glycerin, once applied to skin, will make it look healthier, making you fresh and radiant all day long. Skin disorders(e.g., eczema, psoriasis) can be prevented by using glycerin. You can use glycerin soap acne for your pimples. Glycerin soap acne can be really effective in removing pimples! Well, if ever you use glycerin, you’re sure that you protected your skin and you’re sure that you’re helping the planet because it is made up of vegetable oil instead of animal fats!

Make Glycerin Soap!

When making soaps, glycerin may be the easiest one to make because of the method “melt and pour”.  Glycerin is a clear kind of gel substance and you can actually mold it to your own design and preference. Thus, you can make it by adding your own creativity and personalization making it unique and pretty .

Personalize your own Glycerin Soap

Because of the melt and pour method, you can actually make your own glycerin soap quickly and you can even personalize it as you make it. You can also make your glycerin soap smell good because you can add additives to it or even synthetics. This is done once the heating process is finished. Natural additives such as color and scents can be done with the use of micas and essential oil respectively.

First technique that you can use is layering. Layering can be done when you pour the glycerin (different colors are better!) on each other. This is one of the favorite techniques by many because the outcome will be most beautiful once done  properly because the effect will make the soap look really layered when it hardens.

Embedding objects in your glycerin soap is also a good technique especially that it’s a translucent soap. This is great for kids because they’ll be eager to use the soap in order for them to play with the toy. The toys to embed can be bought in various soap making stores. Another purpose for this embedded objects is that you can use it to personalize your gift or personalize it according to your bathroom theme. If you let your child use your soap, make sure that he or she will not put the soap in their mouth.

Glycerin soap making is very easy and you can make it again and again because once you don’t like the output, you can re-heat and re-pour the soap again. You can personalize it and make it unique by using your own design, idea and creativity. Thus, making soap-is really an interesting thing to do. Just use a glycerin soap recipe that is easy to follow and use!