Decorative Soap Making Ideas

Many people engage in the fun and rewarding activity of soap making. Hundreds of people start out with buying soap making kits online and doing the basic instructions found with their kits. But as one gets used to doing these projects, they may begin wondering what more they can do to their soaps to make them more exotic and creative. There are many different and fun creative soap making ideas. Each will add a boost of extravagance to the soaps you make, and maybe if you find a good design you could sell your own personalized soaps.

Creative soap making ideas have a wide variety of possibilities, starting with simple color changes to extravagant architecture. A basic way to make your soaps different and more personalized is to start with different color additives. Let’s say you have a son who is helping you make soaps at home, why not make a personalized blue bar of soap to go along with his boyish bathroom? Simply adding the color of your choice to the mix of your soaps is a fun way to change it up.

If you want to boost your colors from one color to many colors in just one bar of soap, that can be done as well. This is done by creating small, miniature soap bits using the same process at the melt and pour process, but with smaller pieces of base. After these are set and induced with different colors, simply cut them up and add them to your existing soap to give a fun look and make it into an excellent gift for a friend.

There are plenty other ideas to be found online. A good valentine idea for your loved one would be to create heart shaped soap. This is most easily done with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Melt and pour your base, most commonly induced with a pink or red coloring, into the heart shaped cookie cutter. After drying, removing the heart shaped soap and wrap it in a see through bag or whatever you choose to use. Adding unique scents, such as your loved ones favorite scent of honey, or lavender, etcetera, will give your gift an added boost to personal preference and your loved one is sure to fall in love with this special handmade gift.

Some people would love the chance to turn their bar soaps into a liquid soap, but do not know how. This is also a creative and fun idea to try with your already hand made soaps. The process is easy, simple, and quick by following these easy steps. First, grab your cheese grater and your bar of soap. Grate the soap down altogether until it is a powder-like substance. Add one cup of soap flakes, ten cups of water, and one tablespoon of glycerin in to a large pot. The heat of the stove should be at a medium to hot temperature. Stir the mixture until the soap thoroughly dissolves, which is a very quick process, usually occurring within minutes. Take the pot off of the stove and let the soap cool completely. At this point, you can then pour the substance into a clear container and use it as liquid soap.

If you have successfully created liquid soap, it can also be a great gift idea. Using the clear container, add drawings or pictures to the outside to give your clear container a classy or fun look. Adding bows around the nozzle will also give it a striking appearance. For an even more decorative look, place sea rock or bath beads in the box of your choice, giving your soap an inviting look as your friend or family member opens the box and sees your lovely homemade gift.

There are also a lot of decorative ways to enhance your soaps that will also give you added health benefits as well. Adding chamomile flowers to your soap will give it an enchanting scent as well as healing properties. Adding fresh grounded coffee to your soap will give you an extreme odor blocking soap to fight off those pesky odors you can’t seem to get rid of. If you’re looking to add exfoliate properties to your soap, try adding ground nuts and seep to give your soap an extra burst of exfoliating properties. Many people enjoy the smell of citrus; to get this revitalizing smell in your soap, simply add ground citrus peels into your soaps. Not only will it give you that fresh, orange squeezed smell, it will also add exfoliates to your soap!

You’ve seen them before, interesting soaps with different things hidden inside of them; little toys, candies, even bugs! You can also do this in your home made products. Simply placing your miniature toy or other ideas you may have into the mold while it’s setting, and pour more of your mold on top to keep it in place. When it finally dries and is ready to use, you’ll have a fun hidden surprise in the middle of your soap.

When you’re done with your different creations, you may be wondering how to wrap your soaps so they look the best. There is lots of different decorative soap making ideas. One of the basic ways is to wrap your soap in colored or brown paper, giving it that old and home made feel. You can be a bit more creative by using see through cases and adding your own personal touches to the outside, see through bags and net bags are also a good idea. Adding bows and other decorations to these bags will give them a fun and exciting look.

Make your soap making skills flourish with all different kinds of ideas. The sky is the limit with decorative soap making. There are many more ideas other than the ones listed above, and can easily be found online using simple searches. Turn your basic craft into a gift giving industry. Never worry about what to get your friend or loved one for their birthday, Christmas, and so forth; giving them a hand made product with personal touches is a fantastic way to show someone you care.