Cake Soap

What is cake soap? I have been wondering that myself. What is cake soap? At first I thought it was a classic bar of soap. Back in the olden days they called it cake soap. Picture it, an old married man hunched over in a hot tub of water getting ready to bathe him while the Missus boils some more hot water on the pot belly stove. He points to the cake of soap and she dutifully hands it to him. Such is married bliss.

Fast forward a century or two. “Hey honey can you pass me a cake of soap?” Could be heard bellowed from steamy showers all over suburbia. Blue collar baby boomers everywhere were insisting their wives hand them the proverbial ‘cake soap’. And liberated women everywhere were bellowing back, “Get it yourself!”

It’s just like getting that proverbial soap in the eye. It stings and burns before Suzy homemaker pops in and hands him his blessed cake soap. Just like it was done back in the good old days. Now there’s a phrase that most can relate to. That’s what I thought cake soap was all about. Did you just hear a record needle rip over a record right then? Because come to find out….that’s not what cake soap is at all. You know what they say, out with old and in with the new.

Let’s dig further shall we? Indeed…I did dig, all the way to Jamaica. I should have stopped and had a drink while I was there, basking in the sun and searching for a hot cabana boy. I’d ask him all about cake soap before ordering my next drink I swear. What I am going to tell you will just pop the top right off of your cake soap. This sudsy conundrum actually exists. It is typically a Jamaican term for a detergent soap that contains bleach. Isn’t that normally used for clothing?

Aside from that, the idea of bleach on your skin doesn’t exactly bring a soothing notion to mind. I don’t know about you, but I mess up my clothes with bleach enough as it is. I can only imagine what it would do to my skin besides burn. Of course, there are bleaching agents for teeth, but the levels of bleach aren’t enough to damage your guns when you use it as instructed. But let’s rethink this and keep an open mind. I’m sure there is more to cake soap.

After much research, it would seem that cake soap actually is a bleaching soap created by Vybz Kartel. Many of the products to be released on the market are, skin brighteners, moisturizers, astringents and fragrances. It would seem that Mr. Kartel is creating his own empire on the Kartel Cake Soap upstart.

Apparently the success of the Vybz Kartel Cake Soap has given Vybz Kartel the idea to include a whole new range of products, including lines that can be purchased at the high end retailers. “The Vybz Kartel Cake Soap was a massive success, and they could not process the orders fast enough to meet the demands of the consumers, So cake soap is real and on the market for those discerning skin-bleaching agent soap consumers. Could it be a fad or possibly even a hoax? With as many places I have found online to purchase cake soap, I think not.

It is said that there will be an exclusive store opened in time for the release of his products and he is trying to get them in Macy’s. With such a demand for cake soap, consumers will be lining up around the block to find it in Macy’s.

Vybz Kartel’s brand of cake soaps are now on the market for consumers to buy, but you can only purchase it in Jamaica for the time being. You can’t expect to walk into a store and buy it straight off the display in the U.S. So of course you will have to order it online, which seems to be a hit. The cake soap sales which is also referred to as blue cake soap, have skyrocketed ever since Kartel made the statement that he was using it as a bleaching agent to make his skin whiter. However, it’s been discovered that his products are great and amazingly one can also use them as laundry detergent. “Blue soap does not bleach. Therefore, you do not have to be worried about your skin for it has no bleaching components. This means that anyone can use them. Well that’s a relief for those of us worried about the bleach burn and distortion of color to our skin. Plus there are rumors that Kartel himself is undergoing injections that have made his skin lighter over the years. He himself claims the wonders of cake soap and air conditioning! Maybe that’s why I’m such a white girl. I’m just too cool with all of this air conditioning up in here.

Any soap containing bleach must have some effect upon your skin. After all, bleach will whiten body hair. Cake soap has been touted to help clear acne, lighten blemishes and scars, as well as your shorts. It’s a crossover soap that manages to whiten you and your clothes. Does that mean you could take a bath in your shorts and get a two for one? Camp Kartel holds true to these claims while his cake soap competitors declare that his product does not change the pigment of skin.

What is true is the debate over cake soap and its real bleaching qualities. Regardless it’s a product that has a demand, and sales are still current. People wouldn’t keep buying it if there wasn’t some truth to it. And I’ve heard of crazier things than truth in advertising. Some say such a nutty idea just might work. As a whole, consumers have been fed so many lies it’s hard to tell the truth from the fabrication. Maybe that’s exactly where cake soap belongs, in the middle of a pack of lies and the truth.

The controversy is far from over and cake soap it seems is here to stay. It’s the primary focus in at least one of Vybz Kartel’s songs. With a catchy beat and groove, it’s hard not to get into the vibe and reach for the cake soap.