Natural Soaps – Cheap, Environment-Friendly and Organic Soaps for a Healthy Skin

The supermarket is flooded with commercially manufactured soaps that are competing with each other to attract more customers and gain more profit. Plenty of people try these soaps because of the soap’s smell and other claims like enhancing the beauty of your skin. But you may not be aware that these soaps have harmful ingredients that could ruin not just your skin but the environment as well. With a lot of information drive from different environmental protection organizations, more and more people are becoming aware of the environment’s state that is why they are trying to find alternatives from such products. They are trying to find eco-friendly and natural products that they could use in their households and in their bodies as well. These products include natural soaps and bath products. There are kits available in hobby shops that could teach you how to make natural soaps. By making your own soap, you could save the environment because there are no chemical wastes that are produced when making these soaps. You could also save your body from the harmful effects of chemicals because these soaps have no SLS that would strip away the natural oil in your body and doesn’t have any unwanted effects such as dryness,  irritation, wrinkles and premature aging. These can be used as natural soaps for sensitive skin.

Natural soaps also save you money because if you are going to make your own soap, you don’t have to buy soaps regularly, plus, you could give the soaps away to friends as gifts during special occasions. If you want to save more money, you could buy natural soaps wholesale.

Natural soaps can be in the form of liquid, bars and powder. They may contain aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil or any other natural ingredients that could suit your personal needs. There are natural soaps for acne and there are natural soaps for sensitive skin. They don’t have chemicals to color or add fragrance to the soap but natural oils and extracts may be added so that your soap could smell good.

Natural soaps are already being used way back during the ancient Babylonian era. Nowadays, it may cost higher than the regular soap but it is worth it because it saves the environment. Natural soaps and bath products are great gifts to be given away especially with nice packaging.

Natural ingredients for natural soaps

If you are going to buy natural soaps in the supermarket, check the label and list of ingredients because even if the advertisement says that they are natural, chances are, the label might say otherwise. It may contain colorants, fragrance or chemical additives to preserve the soap. The usual natural soap ingredients are essential oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerin, herbs, fruits, pine tar, baking soda, shea butter, cocoa butter and clay. It also contains lye and water. Although lye can be harmful, efforts are being made to minimize the lye content in these soaps and the addition of oil neutralizes the harmful effects of lye.

Aside from the usual natural oils, nuts can also be used as an ingredient in making natural soaps. People from Southern Asia, specifically Nepal and India, are using a yellow or brown fruit that resembles a berry but has a hard shell, to make soap. It contains saponin, which is a good alternative to the chemical cleaning base that could be used in washing the dishes and laundry. Simply put 4-6 pieces of shell into a cheesecloth bag and wash your clothes with it. It is proven to effectively remove dirt and odor from your clothes. It is unscented which makes it ideal for washing the clothes of people who have allergies to soap and perfume. When you make a soap using the nuts, the soap can be used to wash your hair and body. It leaves your skin feeling soft while your hair becomes thicker and shinier. It is also effective in treating dandruff and kills lice. Since it is very mild, you can use this natural soap for babies and pets.

The natural soap with nuts can also be used in cleaning your house and car. Just mix it with water during your last rinse and your windows and car would surely shine.

Natural soaps are made using the cold pressed method. These soaps contain ingredients with high quality and additional ingredients could be added to your natural soap to suit your needs. Citric or kojic acid could be added to natural soaps for acne. Natural soaps and lotions are rich in glycerin. It is used as natural moisturizers because of its ability to lock moisture in your skin. The natural soaps and lotions that are rich in glycerin are ideal for dry skin.

Natural soaps are really beneficial to your body and to the environment. It might cost higher than commercial soaps but if you buy natural soaps wholesale, you’ll be able to save money or better yet, make your own natural soap.