Goats Milk Soap – the Luxury of Bathing with Milk in a Cheaper Way

Goats milk soap benefits your body because it is mild, gentle, nourishing and it’s ideal for all types of skin. The goats milk soap benefits those who have dry skin because it moisturizes dry skin, does not cause irritation to blemishes and acne, and it gently cleanses the skin. The goats milk soap is buffered, it means that increased percentage of goats milk does not change the pH of your skin. It can be used on the thin and sensitive skin of the face. It lasts longer than commercial soap if the soap dish is regularly drained of water. The life span of a goats milk soap also depends upon the ingredients and the formula that were used in making the soap. Proper amount and ratio of the ingredients increase the quality and life span of the goats milk soap.

Commercial soap, as compared to goats milk soap, is not buffered. It takes two hours for the skin to return to its normal pH after using the commercial soap. It also leaves soap build-up on tiles, tub and shower making it difficult to clean.

The goats milk soap for sale is available in bars and as liquid soap. The bars usually weigh 4 ounces while the liquid soaps are packed in 6-ounce pump bottles. With the use of these pump bottles, dispensing of the liquid soap and its storage is very convenient and it could even be brought along when you travel.

With the expertise of a knowledgeable soap maker, he could combine specific ingredients with the right quantity to produce a soap that has many benefits. He could also make a soap that is specifically made for a certain type of skin.

Goats milk soap have no fragrance of its own but fragrance oils could be added so that it could have its own distinct smell. You could add extracts of lavender, citrus, orange tree, peppermint, coffee, aloe and other fragrance oils as well. The unscented soap is known as “Au Natural” meaning all natural which only have the basic ingredients and no fragrance oil and colorants are added to the soap.

The unscented goats milk soap uses all natural ingredients that are ideal for pets. The goats milk soap kills fleas instantly while your pet is having its bath. It could also be used on pregnant pets, sensitive and seizure prone pets. They don’t have any residue and you don’t have to worry about your pet licking its fur and swallowing the harmful residue.

The goats milk soap for sale are also available in “Seconds”. The seconds has the same characteristics and health benefits as the regular bar soaps but it has minor flaws. These flaws do not change the benefits and quantity of the ingredients that were used in making the soap. The imperfections are primarily seen on the outer appearance or packaging of the soap. It could be a chipped off edge, slightly shaved side, worn-out packaging or torn label. The seconds are cheaper because these minor imperfections could affect the soap maker’s marketing strategy.

Goats milk soap making recipes and tips

There are many recipes for goats milk soap making. Some are quite simple and these recipes for goats milk soap uses the basic ingredients in soap making. Some recipes, on the other hand, are complex and are only recommended for experienced soap makers.

In goats milk soap making, use ice cold or semi-frozen goat’s milk. Use protective gears such as goggles and gloves because lye can be hazardous when it’s concentrated and comes in contact with your skin and eyes. Lye should be carefully handled and properly stored at all times.

The process of making goats milk soap

The recipe for goats milk soap uses ice cold milk, lye and some natural oils. The quantity of each ingredient depends on the size and number of soaps that you are going to make.

First, melt the oil on a stainless pot with low fire. Slowly melt the oil because when the oil is melted using high fire, the soap will have a bad odor. While the oil is being melted, mix the milk and lye. To produce a light-colored soap, lye should be added in increments. The combination of milk and lye produces heat due to the reaction of mixing milk with lye. When the oil is completely melted, add it to the milk-lye mixture and use a stick blender to mix the solution evenly.

If you want your goats milk soap to have a distinct smell, you could add fragrance oil to the mixture. The quantity of fragrance oil depends on your taste. When the fragrance oil is added to the mixture, it forms a line on top of the mixture before it sinks. This line is known as “trace”. Stir the mixture until the fragrance oil is completely blended into the mixture. Pour the mixture into the mold and let it set for 24 hrs. Cure the soap for 4-6 weeks before using it.